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still occupied
Original buildings in the still occupied town of Creede

not allowed inside
The massive mill at the Holy Moses mine

not allowed inside
Closer view of the Holy Moses mine mill

there are structures for miles around
Another view of the mill

The town of Creede is still occupied.  However, the mining area North of Creede is abandoned.   Gold, Silver and Zinc were all mined in Creede after a rich discovery in 1889 by Nicholas J. Creede while he was panning a stream.   Although Silver was the dominate ore, Creede survives to this day with many mining structures remaining north of the town.   The town itself contains many original buildings and has become a popular tourist spot.  The mines and mills may be abandoned, but you will see other visitors as you explore the area.

mill for the Holy Moses mine
Too much mill for one picture

all abandoned
Several structures in the small canyon.

Another building in the canyon

retaining wall
View up the canyon.

these housed an air compressor and core samples
More Old Buildings

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