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You are viewing this page because you have encountered a problem listening to KD Radio.   The LISTEN LINKS provided here are each formatted differently in an attempt to by-pass whatever problem you may have.   The same program stream will be heard on each link.   Therefore, if you find one that works, you can bookmark it or save it for future use.   If none of these links work, you may have a firewall setting that is blocking the audio stream.   Changing your firewall settings goes beyond the scope of this page.   However, if your problem is a setting in Windows Media Player, you can click HERE for additional help.   Please keep in mind that due to heavy usage, some links may max out at certain times each day.

If you are trying to listen on an iPhone or iPad, you need to download an application that supports KD Radio.   An excellent app called Tune in Radio can be downloaded HERE

Listen Link 1

Listen Link 2

If these links don't work, and you think you might have a settings problem with Windows media player, please click HERE

In our ongoing efforts to improve your listening experience, we would appreciate it if you would take a moment to describe the problem you encountered by using
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