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this building is in good condition
This was a bunkhouse

the fireplace rock has been removed
The upstairs interior of the bunkhouse

Romley was established by the Mary Murphy Mining company in a small meadow below the railroad tracks.   Romley was allso called called Murphy’s switch after the railroad arrived in 1883, but also as Red Town as all the buildings were painted red with white trim.  The frame train depot was at 10,557 feet altitude and built in 1886.  It burned in 1908 but another one was built.  There were numerous homes built occupied by up to 200 residents.   The last train passed from Romley in 1926 and many of the people and their belongings were on the train.  The tracks were torn up the same year.  In 1981 the American International Mining Company tried to reopen the Mary Murphy Mine.  The severe winter hampered their production but they did reduce the town of Romley’s buildings to ruble.  They feared they would be sued if someone was injured climbing around the ruins. The company was also planning to use cyanide to process the ore.  The people of the area objected and the permit was denied for use of cyanide.  The watershed of Chalk Creek would have been contaminated.   Other companies have also looked at the Mary Murphy but it has not been reopened.  Romley is a ghost town with a few remaining buildings pictured here.

most buildning are now gone
Another building in Romley

Part of another building
Part of another building.

a Romley cabin
Not much left of this building

at least these are safe
These Romley buildings are on private property

Mary Murphy Mine, CO

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